Considering Surgery

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considering_plastic_surgeryDr. Fetter understands that the reasons for choosing plastic surgery are different for each person. Aesthetic facial surgery may restore a younger appearance for those who are dissatisfied with changes caused by aging.

Many individuals desire additional improvement after weight loss in areas such as the tummy, breasts, buttocks and thighs, all of which may be provided through advanced plastic surgery.

Skin surface imperfections can be addressed by a number of techniques to correct blemishes, birthmarks, scars, or sun-related conditions.

The self-esteem of a child may be significantly improved with the surgical correction of undesirable facial, nose and ear appearances, thus allowing for more normal progression in school and social development.

The term “plastic surgery” refers to both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Fetter specializes in all varieties of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures to improve appearance, restore function, and generally increase lifestyle opportunities for all ages.


plastic_surgery_prescott_azAccording to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 6.6 million Americans have had plastic surgery. The most common surgical procedures are nose reshaping, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, and facelifts. Here are some things to consider before surgery.

UNDERSTAND THE LIMITATIONS, AS WELL AS, THE BENEFITS, OF COSMETIC SURGERY. It won’t achieve perfection, and there’s no guarantee that results will look exactly as you envision. Don’t forget- those photos in magazines are usually retouched.
HAVE REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. Cosmetic surgery can reshape your body, not your life. Although an enhanced appearance may improve your self-esteem, cosmetic surgery won’t save your marriage or get you a better job.
TIME YOUR SURGERY. Pick a time when you are not under exceptional stress and when you have emotional support available.
BE PREPARED. You will have discomfort during and after surgery. Scars and the other side effects are also a possibility.
REMEMBER: Cosmetic surgery has two words and the second word is “surgery”. There are risks.
RESEARCH CREDENTIALS. Make sure your surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Don’t be afraid to ask about training, qualifications, and credentials. Choose a doctor with hospital privileges. This means that their qualifications have been reviewed and accepted.


To complete their training, plastic surgeons must undergo rigorous specialization requirements. Not only do plastic surgeons complete a three-to-five year general surgery residency, but they must also complete a two-year plastic surgery residency. Many surgeons participate in additional training in a plastic surgery sub-specialty. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons logo symbolizes the commitment plastic surgeons have to their profession. In order to be a member of ASPS, one must be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Always look for the ASPS symbol. It means that the surgeon has completed the demanding specialization requirements and met the board’s extremely high standards.